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Areas of Law

Vista Law Group is a law firm that practices family law, elder law, law charitable law and administrative law.  We offer mediation and solicitor’s legal services (ie. we do not provide court representation)

Family Law and Family Mediation

Our family law services are limited to:

The focus of our family law services is mediation.  We have extensive experience in this area. We provide legal representation in limited uncontested matters,  such as preparing and filing desk-order divorces. 

Elder Law and Elder Mediation

Elder law refers to the practice of law applied to issues affecting older adults. Our elder law services include drafting wills, powers of attorneys and representation agreements. We also provide advice on issues related to the care of an elderly family member.

Elder mediation refers to a process where a neutral third party helps resolve a dispute between an older adult and their family members or caregivers.

We also offer an innovative service called Facilitated Planning Meetings. During these meetings we help families discuss wills and estates or advanced planning matters, such as creating a plan in case of a future illness or disability of a family member. Planning now can protect interests and relationships later.

Charity and Non-Profit Law

We provide legal advice to charities and non-profit organizations on issues of governance, charitable status, employment law and other matters. Our focus is to help charities and non-profits develop standards and processes that avoid legal problems in future. For example, we help organizations develop standards and best practices regarding human rights or employment issues. Our services include legal consulting and organizational training. 

Administrative Law

We also offer some services for administrative law issues.  Further information can be provided upon request.